The Best Nightlife in Copenhagen (Denmark)

  • HORNBÆK UGE 30+31

    Lille Kongensgade 16 1070 København Denmark
    If there is a beating, bleeding and brutal heart in Copenhagen’s nightlife it’s located in Lille Kongensgade 16, which until recently housed the legendary Sunday Club. While continuing the legacy of Sunday Club as Copenhagen’s best and most vicious table club, the space has been majorly renovated in order to sustain the pressure from increasing the nocturnal madness of Europe's wildest vodka entries and champagne shows. The new hosts in charge of opening your heart to its darkest chambers are Joachim Lund ...
    Price range: Expensive
  • Lidkoeb

    Vesterbrogade 72B 1620 København Denmark
    Are you looking for the perfect venue for your next meeting, party or get together? We have three beautiful floors and a great courtyard on our hands and we would love to help tailor your next function to your specific needs. Our main bar is located on the ground floor of Lidkoeb. This is the area that we proudly open to the public every day. The room is dominated by the long oak bartop, the high draught taps and the cozy ...
    Price range: Expensive
  • FUGU

    Gammel Strand 42 1202 København Denmark
    Freddy’s Unique Garden Union is a tale of five good friends with a unique love for drinking cocktails outside in Freddy´s garden. Every so often they would meet up to enjoy each other’s company, exchange their latest stories, and mix perfectly blended innovative cocktails. One unfortunate day, Freddy had to move away from the beloved garden,but their outdoor cocktail gatherings were too precious to give up. Thus the search for a new garden commenced. After a long and desperate search, the ...
    Price range: Moderate
Mojo Blues Bar
Nebbiolo Winebar
PH Cafeen
Brass Monkey
Toga Vinstue
Café Dyrehaven
Spise\Bar Nr.20
Madam Chu's
  • Madam Chu's

    Gammel Strand 40 1202 København Denmark
    In old school Shanghai, life burned brighter, and sin was allowed to flourish. We encourage everyone to outlive their unique self and contribute to the sexy and vibrant atmosphere of Madam Chu’s.
    Price range: Moderate
Natcafeen Gothersgade
Ørsted Ølbar
  • Ørsted Ølbar

    Nørre Farimagsgade 13 1364 København Denmark
    We have 20 taps with Craft Beer & 200 Dif bottles. Mostly Danish but also from all over the world. We show all kinds of sports on our 4 Tv's. Check for the football matches we can show our call the bar if you have any questions.
    Price range: Moderate
Bang & Jensen
Duck and Cover
Escobar København
  • Weltkuglen

    Gothersgade 8L, st. 1123 København Denmark
    Welcome inside one of the oldest cocktail bars in the world! This historic and charismatically timbered beauty of a bar dates all the way back to when His Royal Highness King Christian VI was one of the frequent visitors of this place, enjoying well-mixed spirits from all the distant corners of the world. This intimate and inspiring location will hopefully surround and surprise you with our delicious menu of mouth-watering cocktails, as you and your taste buds explore the wondrous world ...
    Price range: Moderate
Pub Crawl Copenhagen
  • Pub Crawl Copenhagen

    Nyhavn 1 1051 København Denmark
    Join Pub Crawl Copenhagen. Party with people from all around the world and have an awesome night out with some great deals including: free shots, free drinks and on Fridays/Saturdays free entrance to Culture Box! We visit 4 bars/club and at our last stop we let you loose on the dance floor to show your best party moves! Checkout our website for more info:
    Price range: Moderate
Victoria Pub
Cava Bar
Mc Kluud
Mau Mau 5
  • Mau Mau 5

    Studiestræde 5 1455 København Denmark
    Cocktails & music - every weekend Opening hours Friday 21pm-04am Saturday 21pm-04am For questions and reservation:
Panama Club