Monuments and Landmarks in Copenhagen (Denmark)

Kongens Nytorv
  • Kongens Nytorv

    Kongens Nytorv (lit. "The King's New Square") is a public square in Copenhagen, Denmark, centrally located at the end of the pedestrian street Strøget. The largest square of the city, it was laid out by Christian V in 1670 in connection with a major extension of the fortified city, and has an equestrian statue of him at its centre. The initiative moved the centre of the city from the medieval area around Gammeltorv, at that time a muddy medieval marketplace, ...
Forum Copenhagen
  • Forum Copenhagen

    Forum Copenhagen (Danish: Forum København) is a large multi-purpose, rentable indoor arena located in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, Denmark. It hosts a large variety of concerts, markets, exhibitions and other events. The venue can hold up to 10,000 people depending on the event. The Forum operates as a convention center, concert hall and indoor arena. It was opened in February 1926 to host a car exhibition and was last renovated in 1996–97. Over two storeys there is a combined exhibition floor area of ...
Copenhagen Stock Exchange
  • Copenhagen Stock Exchange

    The Copenhagen Stock Exchange or CSE (Danish: Københavns Fondsbørs), since 2014 officially called Nasdaq Copenhagen, is an international marketplace for Danish securities, including shares, bonds, treasury bills and notes, and financial futures and options. Nasdaq Copenhagen is one of the Nasdaq Nordic Exchanges. Nasdaq Nordic goes back to the 2003 merger of OM AB and HEX plc to form OMX and is, since February 2008, part of Nasdaq, Inc. (formerly known as NASDAQ OMX Group).
Copenhagen City Hall
  • Copenhagen City Hall

    Copenhagen City Hall (Danish: Københavns Rådhus) is the headquarters of the municipal council as well as the Lord mayor of the Copenhagen Municipality, Denmark. The building is situated on City Hall Square in central Copenhagen.
Roman Catholic Diocese of Copenhagen
  • Roman Catholic Diocese of Copenhagen

    The Roman Catholic Diocese of Copenhagen is a diocese of the Latin Church of the Roman Catholic church named after its episcopal see, the Danish national capital, Copenhagen. It covers all Denmark (as in neighbouring provinces where none of the pre-Reformation bishoprics were re-established after Lutheranism became the new official state church in the 16th century) and two Danish overseas possessions, the Faroe Islands and Greenland. It is estimated that 36,000 (0.7%) out of the 5,516,597 inhabitants of the diocesan ...
Copenhagen Court House
  • Copenhagen Court House

    The Copenhagen Court House (Danish: Københavns Domhus) is a historic building located on Nytorv in Copenhagen, Denmark. Originally built as a combined city hall and courthouse, it now serves as the seat of the District Court of Copenhagen. Inaugurated in 1815, it was built to the design of Christian Frederik Hansen in Neoclassical style.
Copenhagen Admiral Hotel
  • Copenhagen Admiral Hotel

    Admiral Hotel is a hotel in central Copenhagen, Denmark, located on the waterfront between the mouth of the Nyhavn canal and the royal residence Amalienborg Palace. The building is a former warehouse.
Immanuel Church, Copenhagen
  • Immanuel Church, Copenhagen

    Immanuel Church is a church in the Frederiksberg district of Copenhagen, Denmark. It belongs to Københavns Valgmenighed and Vartov Valgmenighed, two Grundtvigian congregations under Church of Denmark. The building was designed by Andreas Clemmesen and completed in 1893. The artists Niels and Joakim Skovgaard and Niels Larsen Stevns, all three members of the congregation, decorated the church building, providing a series of glass mosaics above the entrances as well as the church furnishings.
Imperial Theater, Copenhagen
  • Imperial Theater, Copenhagen

    Imperial has the largest single screen in Northern Europe with 1002 seats, which is also the biggest screen in the world to feature Dolby Atmos. It is among the best cinemas in Copenhagen and is usually the go-to place for cinephiles in the Danish capital. Imperial is owned by Nordisk Film and is located near Vesterport Station. It has undergone several renewals, the latest of which were completed in September 2013 when Dolby Atmos was installed. It is one of ...
  • Fiolstræde

    Fiolstræde is a pedestrianised shopping street in central Copenhagen, Denmark. It passes the square Frue Plads on its way from Nørreport station in the north to Skindergade in the south where Jorcks Passage connects it to the shopping street Strøget. Copenhagen Cathedral is located in the street which also passes the rear side of Copenhagen University Library.
Copenhagen Central Fire Station
  • Copenhagen Central Fire Station

    Copenhagen Central Fire Station (Danish: Københavns Hovedbrandstation) is the headquarters of Copenhagen Fire Department and located on H.C. Andersens Boulevard just behind Copenhagen City Hall and opposite Tivoli Gardens. It was designed by Ludvig Fenger and inaugurated in 1892.
Københavns Belysningsvæsen
  • Københavns Belysningsvæsen

    Københavns Belysningsvæsen was a municipally owned company which supplied Copenhagen Tårnby and Dragør municipalities with first gas and later electricity and distant heating, It existed until 2001 when it was merged with Københavns Vand under the name Københavns Energi, a name it had already operated under since 1999. Its former headquarters is located on Gothersgade in central Copenhagen and now houses Københavns VUC, a school of secondary education.

    A Danish Centre for Political Studies, also known as CEPOS, is an independent association, which works as a classical liberal/free-market conservative think-tank in Denmark.
The Little Mermaid (Den Lille Havfrue)